Another massage therapist named Dana referred Miss Sherry to us. When we first met Miss Sherry in the Winter of 2013, she really looked weak and frail. Her face was gray, her body was thin, and she was only able to talk in short breaths because of her constant coughing. You could really feel how uncomfortable she was in her own body.

We started therapy using reflexology, acupressure, and some other massage techniques. After therapy, her coughing seemed to be reduced quite a bit. She told us that her doctor told her she had mucus in her lungs.

A few days later, Miss Sherry returned to try the healing massage that we suggested. She told us she always felt better after each massage treatment. One day, she went to see her son Uta, a doctor. Uta asked her, “Mom, why are you so talkative now? You look to be in much better health – what did you do to feel better?” Miss Sherry told him “I did massage therapy with Head2Foot, that’s all.” Her son replied, shocked “Really?” He was very surprised.

Miss Sherry’s case was definitely a surprise to us, too. We were so happy that her body responded to our treatment. As one of our employees recalled, jokingly “When she came in that day, we were scared and prayed she might walk out of here after the massage therapy!”

Miss Sherry’s Lung Problem Healed by Our Massage Therapies

Migraine Headache Pain Lessened After Massage Therapy Treatment!

Mr. D works for a law firm. He spends several hours a day working on big cases, and this is very stressful. The stress, coupled with long hours at work, triggered his migraine headaches.

According to some doctors and medical articles, migraine headaches are not healed or lessened by massage therapy. But in China, medicine theory holds that migraines are a special kind of headache and massage therapy has proven to have positive results and can lessen pain.

After working just one hour on Mr. D’s head, and some other meridian points, his migraine headaches are almost gone! He was so happy to be almost completely pain-free, he emphatically stated “I still take a few pain pills these days, but they don’t work at all. The massage is really working better than the pills. I may actually have a good night’s sleep tonight!”

We frequently see patients who complain of migraine and other headache issues, and we have had a lot of success helping these clients. Our massage skills and techniques have helped Miss Sherry, Miss Amanda, and several others, as you can see on the “” reviews.

To view other comments and reviews of our services, please visit our website, or check us on the web at 

In contrast, a twice a week massage service will only cost approximately $50,000 over 10 years.

Not to mention the value of having two legs to experience the world with, something that has no price tag. Which method saves more money? Which is more beneficial to the patients? Should insurance companies cover the cost of massage in these cases?

I believe you have the right choice.

The massage director at that time was a wise Asian woman. Although she was not sure the massage would do any good, she agreed to give it a shot.

Nobody could have imagined that the massage would be so successful that it ultimately saved his leg!

Since that time he has come for a massage once a week.

What an amazing result! What good a massage can do! When modern medicine had no way to heal his legs without amputating them, massage therapy was able to save them.

Massage therapy has allowed him to keep walking to this day! I am positive that he will never forget the massage director's name. She created a massage method that saved his legs. He is also grateful to the massage therapists who have worked hard for him.

On his birthday, he brought some special German cookies for us. Although this is a private medical case, I felt it was important to share his story with others who are suffering from the same problems. I asked him if I could take some photographs of his legs and share his experience with the public. He agreed without any hesitation:" Yes! Let people know about my case and save others’ limbs".  You are so great, Mr. Baker! I salute to you!

Inspired from his case, I realized a fundamental idea: Eastern and Western medicine should be used in conjunction to achieve the best patient outcome and improve people’s health.

Acupuncture, cupping and massage have been used therapeutically for thousands of years in China. These methods are still being used in hospitals today.

When I lifted the sheets to see his legs I was totally shocked. I have never seen feet and legs in that condition in my entire life. They were dark purple and swollen.

Seeing that I was hesitant to begin the massage, he encouraged me, “I have been doing this massage once a week for 7 years. Please use the lotion that I brought with me, I like the smell"."

While I was working, he told me his story: he was an American soldier during World War 2. To be more specific, he was the director of a bread factory in Europe that supplied food to our soldiers fighting in the front line. I could tell that he had a lot of great memories of those times from his excited eyes and vivid words.

He also told me that seven years ago his legs began deteriorating very badly because of diabetes.

The doctors suggested that he undergo surgery to remove one of his legs.

However, he did not want to live his life without legs. Thus, he and his wife came to our college, (which used to be APPOLO) in the hopes that we could help him.

Healing Diabetes Symptoms

Meet Mr. Baker

One day in October 2011 I was practicing at the Massage Clinic of Carrington College.
That day I met a patient named Mr. Baker. He was 84 years old and to me, he appeared to be in OK shape.

He walked from the parking lot to our massage room (over 150 feet), took off his shoes and clothes and got onto the massage table all by himself.

Unlike the other patients, he told me I should massage his legs using a particular method.

"What? A whole hour spent working only on the legs?!" I wondered and imagined how boring this work would be.

Success Stories

See how healing massages have helped improve the quality of life of our patients.

We travel to you, or you come to us

Long-lasting Results

Why does our healing massage therapy seem to work like “magic”? A Canadian scientist has discovered “Why”!

Please click on the web link below to read the article. For anyone who wants to maintain good health, or for any patient looking to improve their health and wanting to stop taking medicine (which may not always work), this article is great news! This opens up a whole new world of medical hope for all!

Please share this great news with your loved ones! 

Mr. D.C. told our manager as he returned for his second time for a full body healing massage: “I feel a lot more energized and stress-free. I am finally able to have good, deep sleep at night – and that was after only one (1) visit!”

Mr. D.C. is the owner of a shipping company. For the past few months, his muscles were very tight due to stress and working at his desk on a computer every day. As a result, he was unable to sleep well at night and often took sleeping pills to help him rest. However, this caused him to feel groggy the next morning, and made him feel as though he were sick and not healthy.

He found us on-line, and after reading several comments from previous patients and clients on, he made an appointment and tried our massage therapy. He immediately recognized the remarkable results, and how he felt, after the massage. Mr. D.C. was so impressed and felt so good afterwards, he told all his colleagues at his company that if anyone were experiencing shoulder or neck tightness, or back pain, or headaches due to stress – please go see Head2Foot spa in Gilbert. He was that positive and sure of the results!

After his fourth (4th) visit, he reported that he was able to sleep soundly through the night and did not need to take sleeping pills any longer. He was very happy with our services, and convinced our massage therapy is quite effective and helpful!

Massage Therapy Relieved His Stress So He Can Sleep Soundly Again!

I wonder, with a longstanding track record of success, why doesn’t our government do more to support and make use of Eastern medicine? I believe they should be used to treat patients and that insurance should cover the costs.

Let’s consider, how much can a massage save the government and insurance companies?

If a patient has a leg amputated, how much does it cost? Not considering the expenditures that occur after surgery, up to $60,000 for the procedure itself and the costs to battle infection.

Proven Massage Methods
True Healing Therapy

Our Massage Therapy Helps Martha’s Stiff Shoulder Move Again!

Miss Martha came to our office in the Spring of 2013, complaining about shoulder stiffness and soreness that she’s had for several years. She stated “The pain has been constant for over ten (10) years now. I have tried different ways to heal it, but have not had any luck. I even had a doctor try to convince me to have surgery, but I refused. A few days ago, my daughter came home and told me about your office, and suggested I give you a try.”

Actually, this was a difficult case for us, as we had never had anyone with this type of problem. Her shoulder pain was so severe, she could only raise her arm up 25% (of the regular range of motion for a normal, pain-free person).

Martha’s daughter (Miss Pearl) drove her to our office for each visit, and paid for her treatment. Her Mom, and our entire staff, was very touched and grateful for her daughter’s love, compassion, and kind-heartedness to her mother.

We did our best to heal Miss Martha’s shoulder in as short a time span as possible, in order to get it moving and functioning again. She was able to tolerate and withstand the soreness as we worked on her with massage therapy, and via exercises. After approximately 20 treatments, Miss Martha could easily move her arm fully upwards and was able to return to work, using her arm and shoulder normally again. 

Scientist Proves Why Massage Therapy Works!

Massage Therapy Heals Neck and Back Pain So Clients Avoid Surgery!

Since we opened 4 years ago, we have worked on over 1,000 patients who came to us complaining of neck and back pain. Since most of these problems originate in the vertebrae, I put them all in the same category.

Most patients, for different reasons, have tension in the neck and shoulders. As time goes by, if left untreated, the pain progresses from the upper part to the lower parts of the muscles through a network of nerves. As the pain grows, the muscles contract harder in response. These contractions constrict blood vessels going through the affected areas. When this happens, nutrients cannot be delivered to the surrounding tissues and joints, and wastes generated cannot be flushed out of the tissue and joints. If a patient takes pain pills, this may temporarily “mask” the pain but taking pain pills does not solve the problem. Sooner or later, the tissues and joints surrounding the blood vessels will have serious issues and surgery may be required in the future. However, with Massage Therapy, coupled with the correct exercises, you can avoid surgery and your healing can begin.

Miss Tracy and her father’s case are good examples. Tracy’s neck, shoulder and back pain had caused her great discomfort for several months. Because her father suggested she see us for Massage Therapy, she decided not to take pain pills and to see us instead. When we first saw her, she told us the pain is really uncomfortable and almost unbearable at times. She told us her father used to have the same kind of issues. He tried pain pills, then progressed to having shots into his vertebrae, and finally he tried surgery to alleviate the pain. He ultimately had three (3) vertebrae surgeries, then started having trouble with his lungs and had a lung surgery afterward.

Miss Tracy did not want to go through the pain and suffering of surgery, so she gave Massage Therapy a try. Our special massage not only relieved her neck and back pain right away, but the circulation in her tissues improved around the pain and pressure points, and step-by-step she was healed.

She then referred her mother to us, and then other neighbors and friends who were experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain, too. Miss Tracy really believes in Massage Therapy now, and she said it has really helped to improve her health and solving her pain problems at the source.